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Plastikiniai langaiAbout a window

Profile white or colored. Colors are presented in a standart palette (White; redwood; nut-brown; golden oak; dark oak) or non-standard palette (Oak nogal toscana; white crème; macore; natural oak; oregon; grey; brown chocolate; dark red; dark brown; summer fir; winter fir; blue).
5 chambers PVC profile.
Glass lines – shaped, of rounded form, two chamber structure; rubber gaskets – grey, multichamber structure (black at double-sides colored windows).



Model completion

Profile – new generation, 80 mm width, 5 chambers, colored (For a complete list of colors please click here: ) manufactured by „Brugmann“.
Glazing - made of 2 transparent glasses, one of it – energy-efficient (Selective) „ClimaGuard“ glass, with aluminum frame, gap filled with argon gas.
Binding - SIEGENIJA "Future SI-line" with anticorrosive cover.
Security – window sash wind fixer; with balcony door and window handle protection from wrong turning, when sash is opened or tilted.
A full anti-burglary protection mechanism of window panel (meeting protection class DIN WKI requirements).
Window lacing mechanism protection from drilling.
Window lacing mechanism protection from intended turning.
Handles – white or brown color, protection from intended turning from outside; Balcony door - with the closure trigger of leaf and external PVC handle.


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