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Goods of heat and light reflecting fabric (HLRF)


HLRF – an effective protection from the sunlight for using a computer.

Heat and light reflecting fabric (HLRF) is a perfect measure to protect from sunrays and heat. Such type of a film is just behind all expectations; used for private and public places: offices, conference halls, hospitals, etc., HLRF goods are mostly recommended for premises, computers are used in. It protects from sunlight flow that annoys during a daytime work, also protects a computer screen from intensive sunrays.
HLRF meets the highest quality standard requirements keeping to ISO 9002 certificate demands and creates a cozy environment. The product is made of a double polystyrene material with aluminum elements. It is this thin and transparent layer that reflects sunrays and heat.

(Figure: HLRF fabric; 100 % sunlight; 18 % absorbs; 80 % reflects; 2 % conducts) Film operas like a mirror: fabric, covered with aluminum, inhibits up to 98 % sunlight energy.

HLRF advantages:


  • Effective protection from UV sunrays and heat.
  • Optimal transparence and visibility.
  • Simple maintenance, long operational life.

Goods of heat and light reflecting fabric are very popular in offices of California and Miami – places, the sun shines all-year-round.The USA laws formally and practically require to provide personnel-friendly working conditions. As the current summer heat in Lithuania is quite similar to Miami environment, people feel uncomfortable at their work sites, employers suffer additional problems, how to eliminate such troubles. Lots of employers have already recognized the fact that a high quality of work depends on an employee’s state. For example, a programmer, who works with a computer, has a possibility to rest a bit, to think or glance ahead or look into a book, while a bookkeeper’s eyes point only to numbers at a screen. Such work is very intensive, demanding absolute precision.

An external part of material, blinds are made of, is covered with aluminum film that reflects light and “absorbs” a part of heat flowing to a premise. Standard vertical blinds or curtains heat of sunrays and a secondary heating effect appears; when a room with windows, equipped with heat and light reflecting fabric goods is far more cooler even during sizzler outside. Ones, afraid of draughts, could not open windows and doors together, but rollers absorb the major part of heat, so in this case they do not need to risk.

The JSC „Vainita“ offers the following goods of heat and light reflecting fabric:




Vertical blinds




Your reviews

1. Janina, a programmer:

„ I had a skeptic opinion on rollers of heat and light reflecting fabric. However, its advantages have appeared obvious: as such blinds do not allow sunrays to flow; it was just a relief during hot days. Moreover, it is very difficult to look at a screen if the sun shines. My work demands eye comfort, since eyes tire rapidly. Troubles because of excessively intensive light or one, flowing directly at a screen, appear. There are many people in an office room and all computer screens could not be turned from the window. Goggles with the sun protection could not help enough. Rollers seem not to be an important thing, but they provide eye comfort and increase one’s working quality.

2. Jolanta, a communication system designer:

„Rollers, covered with aluminum material film, are mostly suitable for premises, computers are used in. If you prefer to use rollers in residential premises, keep in mind that goods, made of the mentioned material, will not protect a lightened room from a curious eye – every thing will be visible just perfectly. In order to enjoy eye comfort during a sunny daytime and privacy at nights purchase curtains, too...“
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