Šioje svetainėje naudojame slapukus (angl. „cookies“). Jie padeda atpažinti prisijungusius vartotojus, matuoti auditorijos dydį ir naršymo įpročius; taip mes galime keisti svetainę, kad ji būtų jums patogesnė.
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External or large parameters roller blinds

Such kind of blinds is a very popular in Europe. They create a special protective barrier between sunrays and glass, so do not permit sunrays or heat, but allow light, to flow freely. Such kind of blinds should be mounted on the Southern side, mostly heated by the sun.

Blinds are made of special material, resistant to sunrays of thickness from 0.33 to 0.50 mm. External blinds could be controlled manually or by an electric motor. Intended not only for offices, coffee – bars, but also for private houses and standard flats. Completed with titanium cover (cassette) or without it.

External roller blinds could be applied not only to all kinds of windows and roofs of glass, but also mounted keeping to different angles externally and indoors. Blinds’ structure is simple, noiseless and without any extra maintenence demands.


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