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Horizontal blinds


Horizontal blinds
A history of designing horizontal blinds is a very romantic: just imagine, it reminds family peripeteia of a famous Venice merchant of the last decade of the XVIII-th century:

It is said that a famous Venetian merchant once had a very beautiful young wife who used to spend her days by the window waiting for her husband to come back. The merchant was very jealous for men staring at his beautiful wife every time they passed by, so he shuttered all the windows. But the wife wasn't happy anymore because home was filled with dark and coolness. That was why the merchant constructed window blinds which allowed his wife to enjoy the daylight but protected her from the eyes of strangers.

So, such types of blinds have been called “Venetian” ....

Horizontal blinds – device, which purpose is to darken a room and to regulate a natural light flow inside. It consists of horizontal slats, fastened by strings and steps. Blinds are mounted to a ledge, equipped with various control mechanisms. It is the primary type of blinds.

Blinds slats are made of:

aluminum (16 and 25 mm width, various colors);
wood or interchangeable artificial material (slats of different wood and different colors vary from 25 and 50 mm width);
bamboo (25-50 mm);

Conventional (STANDARD type) horizontal aluminum blinds, mounted to walls and ceiling, sometimes it is more useful to mount to window frames.



NEW AGE MECHANISMS outstand of advantages: instead of string or stick - they are controlled only by chain, that allows to control blinds and string more easily.



Mechanisms of such model usually (not always) are mounted to a plastic window in a window preserving manner: little holes for screws are made in a window glass line.

Slats of such type of blinds are placed near multiple glazing, so slats will not obstruct in case you string a window with a handle. Strained invisible line will not allow blinds to move when you string a window.

Blinds are inserted into a window, preserving its esthetic look.

Additional offers:

50 mm. horizontal blinds (FRONTON) – for places with larger area to be covered

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Non-standard horizontal blinds
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