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Balcony glazing with aluminum systems

Sliding aluminum profile frame system

Practical, easy to operate, leak-proof.

Aluminum frame sliding system is widely used for apartment houses, built 20-40 years ago, balconies glazing. This system together with hinged and non-hinged aluminum windows and display cases combinations suites for various balcony glazing. It is leak-proof, practical, easy to maintained, and safe. The possibility to lock the whole system assures security. In this way glazed balcony will give you an extra space. You can use it or decoration according to your imagination, needs or implementation of interests.

Structures are specially designed and adapted for glazing balconies and loggias. Sliding system is easy to open and it does not occupy inside space of the balcony. Balconies glazed with aluminum structures glazing system are easy to maintain, because the profiles are powder-coated. In comparison with plastic system, the aluminum structure weights less.

Fields of application :

Apartment house balconies,
Own house balconies,
Trade pavilions.

Extraordinary features:

System is tight, light an safe
Possible to glaze a balcony of any configuration
System windows slide in both directions freely
Possibility to complete an anti-insect net
Two or three rails sliding systems are available
Profiles painted by powdering, so, it is unnecessary to repaint during exploitation.
Unnecessary to climb when cleaning - possible to remove sliding parts and put it back to the frame after cleaning. Trauma risk is reduced then.
Optimal price, reliability and a long-term exploitation of the system.
Aluminum does not react to temperature changes, so the system suits our climate well.
Additional channel for condensate collection – flowing water is eliminated outside via drainage, so any condensate appears inside a balcony.
Even if you have glazed your balcony with the mentioned system before, during later apartment’s modernization works such balconies are not demounted, as practice shows. Exception: a general balcony space is increased according to modernization project.

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